Barbara McLain
What is a Thangka?
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As an artist, my primary passion is the exploration of the human spirit in its journey toward ultimate truth. This passion has historically manifested in oil and watermedia painting emphasizing figurative expression, including traditional Tibetan thangka painting. Subsequently, after exploring meditative aspects of still life and emotional undercurrents of landscape painting, I recognized a leaning toward abstraction. 

Though I have purposely avoided abstraction as personally failing to convey or connect with the human spirit, my outright aversion to this mode of expression began to suggest an energy in need of investigation. Never one to hold back, I jumped in after an abstract painting demo revealed to me a critically important element inherent in this way of painting: liberation! If abstract painting can contribute to my spiritual goal of liberation for self and for others, then I am in! Now working in acrylic, my paintings are exploring spontaneous emotional, spiritual, and intuitive aspects of inner being, completely liberated from recognizable form. Pure painting! Go figure!
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