Barbara McLain
What is a Thangka?
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As an artist, my primary passion is the exploration of the human spirit in its journey toward truth. This passion has historically manifested in oil and watermedia painting emphasizing figurative expression, including traditional Tibetan thangka painting. Subsequently, after exploring meditative aspects of still life and emotional undercurrents of landscape painting, I recognized a leaning toward abstraction.  
Working in acrylic and mixed media, my abstract paintings  explore spontaneous emotional, spiritual, and intuitive aspects of inner being, completely liberated from recognizable form. Pure painting!  Recent experience with the decline and death of my brother, however,  was the impetus for the exploration of the emotional impact this was having on my painting. My love for oils and the figure have now re-emerged, bringing me full circle to my original commitment to figurative expression. My recent series explores the profound vulnerabilties in being human on the planet at this point in time, as well as the intense need for humanity to come together if we are to survive. These two modes of exploration, figure and abstraction, provide a fascinating contrast while moving toward the same goal, the inner truth of being human.
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